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Balance your energy, nurture your mind, inspire your soul.


Creation, Development & Performance of your Spa

Uisce provides product supplies and consulting services using highly qualified and passionate international specialists & therapist trainers respected within the Spa and Wellness industry – with particular emphasis on motor yachts – who will work alongside your team and provide the expertise you require. 

Through concept creation, design development, pre-launch, recruitment, treatment & program development, training & operational guidance we will develop for you a unique experience with exceptional guest service. We create a sanctuary of healing, touch and aroma to promote a deep sense of calm, joy and serenity within, for your guests to enjoy a space where the ancient traditions of body, mind and soul connectivity still roam free.


A combination of universal and holistic approaches will honour their health and well-being.

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Yacht Services

Develop a bespoke spa journey that creates a universal and holistic approach with a seamless synergy between design and ongoing operations ensuring optimal guest experience.


Crew Services

Jobs and Recruitment. Launch your wellness career working onboard a motor yacht. 


Our Suppliers

Working with a network of suppliers we are able to source a multitude of products across different spheres.​

These include guest cabin amenities such as cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries including your Wellness Platform professional and retail products.

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The Source of Life 

Uisce Yacht Spa Management provides product supplies and consulting services to the Spa and Wellness industry - with particular emphasis on motor yachts. We provide a wide range of services catering to the tailored needs of clients within the Spa & Wellness sector with a personal yet highly professional approach. As an experienced and respected professional consultancy within this sector, with extensive global experience in the 5-star Luxury Motor Yacht, Hotel and Spa sector, we are passionate about making a difference.


From concept to creation through to the development and performance of your spa - we are there with you, providing guidance and support. Whether creating a bespoke spa concept or design, or providing operational guidance to ensure maximum guest satisfaction, or facilitating in-house training to ensure the treatments provided enhance an individual’s well-being with a high touch - low tech holistic approach, we are here to make a difference. When clients experience a spa which we have supported, they will appreciate that working with our consultancy will make an impactful difference - sharing our passion, knowledge and professional dedication. 


Delivering the Results

Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez, M.D.

Physician Entrepreneur, Former World Stem Cells Clinic

Rachel is a highly trained individual whose professional and expertise are only second to her warm, and caring personal touch.

She has that rare gift of achieving true rapport with people of all ages and back-grounds. You will always end up feeling that she truly cares about you whenever you speak to her. And she truly does care. 

You will be hard pressed to find someone with such a passion for what she does as Rachel. And that is something that both your customers and staff members will be attracted to. Her remarkable organization and management skills compliment her already impressive skill set. 

Renate Hermes

Director Duniye Spas Pvt. Ltd.

Rachel is a very hands-on, passionate and enthusiastic with a cheerful personality. In the execution of her duties Rachel proofed to be a professional and result driven with consistent drive to achieve maximum guest satisfaction and highest standards.


One can describe Rachel only as a very pleasant person, well liked by her team, colleagues and business partners, displaying a good sense of humour at all times. 

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