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Rachel Delia Greene

Rachel is passionate about making a difference. With a background in health & skincare, she has a wealth of experience in the Spa, Fitness and Wellness industry. Her journey to becoming a consultant has been ever evolving realising the true impact that a well designed, beautifully managed space with abundant care, integrity and touch had on an individual's path to self healing, wellness and mindfulness. Of course, for commercially focussed Spa owners, this will lead to improved economic returns. 

Her previous roles have included directing large spa management companies spread over multiple global locations, bringing versatility and diversity from her wide ranging experience to corporate, commercial and private Spa owners. Rachel ensures that key areas such as the delivery of comprehensive and innovative team development programs for all positions are always executed seamlessly. Furthermore, she has experience in developing Spa service menus and Wellness programs whilst implementing a high quality of operational standards. Rachel is incredibly empathetic, passionate and talented. She prides herself, and is well regarded as a pro-active, motivated and enthusiastic professional with the ability to plan, execute and deliver to an exceptional standard.

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