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Hot Stone Massage

New Build & Operational

Creating, launching and operating a successful spa or wellness platform requires a true understanding of the necessary requirements, whilst always putting the guest at the forefront of what is being created or offered. 

Curate a bespoke service package from the below.

Vision & Concept

  • Concept creation and briefing.

  • Assist with project team selection. 

  • Suitability of floor plans, focusing on operational flow and a seamless guest journey.

  • Space allocation and room relationship guidance.

  • Suitability of product, equipment and treatments.

  • Specialist product and equipment proposal and estimate.

Detailed Design Guidance

  • Essential design, detailed development and operational guidance for the design & project team.
    (Uisce does not draw as part of their services but will advise and guide the clients design team)

  • GA refinement with the appointed designer and/or engineering team to ensure their suitability.

  • Guide and critique lighting schemes and electrical layout with the appointed E.T.O.

  • Guide, review and development of heat experience areas, salt caves and pools.

  • Development of the fitness and mindfulness areas including suggested suppliers for equipment. 

  • Advise designer regarding operational practicalities.

  • Equipment cut sheets to assist design accommodation.

  • Site visits, inspections and completion, where necessary.


  • ​Pre-launch budgets including operation stock and equipment lists.

  • Professional and retail product supplier recommendation, selection and negotiations.

  • Assist with the design and creation of spa uniforms for each therapist and choose appropriate supplier.

  • Linen requirements and design. 

  • Treatment menu and design of wellbeing programs.

  • Wellbeing cuisine and refreshment guidance.


Working with a network of suppliers we are able to source a multitude of products across different spheres. 

  • Guest cabin amenities: Cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries.

  • Wellness Platform professional and retail products.


  • Create an appropriate staffing structure. 

  • Screening, interviews and where requested trade testing for all positions.

  • Preparation of job description.

  • 90 Day crew warrantee on placement - ensuring you have the perfect fit.


  • Organising and implementing the spa wellness training programme and/or facilitating in-house training.

  • Training the spa team in the following modules: 

 - 5 Star standards for operational excellence ​

- Effective booking schedules

- Treatment knowledge, benefits and contraindications 

- Spa menu and brand standards training  

- Treatment room setup

- Guest welcome and farewell rituals 

- Hygiene and sterilisation procedures

- Stock control and management 

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